1How do I join the largest community of catholic in the world
simple! Click on the signup button above Fill in your correct details and voila, you've join the largest community of Catholics online
2How do I make a post on
Once signed-up, you are automatically signed in, you see a text field that reads "say something" That's it, say something and post.
3How do I post a picture on
Just below the say something, you see Photo. Just one click on it, Navigate to where your picture is on your phone, Click on your photo and lastly, click on Post. Depending on your image size, wait for it and in few seconds, your photo can be seen by your friends on
4How do I add a friend on
Once logged in, You will see a search tab at the top par of the page. Enter Any name in the search bar, a search result displaying the name searched or similar name is displayed. Click on the user you want to add and then add as friend.